Where & When

TEDxAshokaU will be held at The Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA.
February 22, 2013

Getting Ready for TEDxAshokaU? Here’s What You Need to Know

Your arrival on February 22ndth

Doors to Balboa Theatre open at 4:00pm and we encourage everyone to arrive well before the 5:00pm start-time. You must check in with registration upon arrival and retrieve your name badge. Remember that you might need some time to find parking so it may take you longer than usual. If you are late to TEDxAshokaU, you will not be permitted inside the auditorium until there is a break between speakers.

Dress Comfortable

Casual attire is absolutely appropriate and encouraged. We want you be comfortable throughout the whole day.

Mingle don’t be shy

This day is about exploration—meeting new people, hearing new ideas, getting inspired, taking action. Arrive early, fill all the seats in the front of the auditorium, and sit next to someone. Make lots of friends. Sit in a few different places. You will find that your fellow TEDx peers are wonderful people.

What else to expect

As we mentioned, the afternoon is all about exploration. There will be elements that will move you, make you think, bring you tears, give you chills, make you laugh, and perhaps even offend you. You’ll love some of it, and might hate some of it. We encourage you to react, discuss, debate and take action. Just remember to remain respectful of all ideas, people, and opinions.

Please do not hesitate to contact Beeta Ansari at bansari@ashoka.org for more information.