PhotoWings – Become a part of the TEDxAshokaU experience

1. Submit a “Photo that Means the World To Me” to showcase at TEDxAshokaU!

Ashoka U has partnered with PhotoWings – a non-profit devoted to leveraging the power of photography to influence the world.

You now have the chance to be showcased in a video at TEDxAshokaU by submitting a photo (or photos!) that “mean the world to you.” You can select images from family, friends, the community, or something that reflects your changemaking passions. Next, write a 100-200 word reflection about how this photo (or collection of photos) influences who you are today.

What story does this photo tell that has an effect on the Changemaker you are? Think about the historical context: what was going on in the world at the time of the photo? Who is in it, and what makes it important?

Format: You may submit your photo(s) and reflection to Beeta Ansari at Acceptable formats are JPG, PNG, PDF, PowerPoint, word document, or video. Examples can be found here in the PhotoWings – Ashoka U Webinar on Photography and Changemaking.

Deadline: January 9, 2012

Live Stream

Know of students or colleagues who would love to attend TEDxAshokaU, but will not have a chance to travel to San Diego? Email to learn more about the opportunity to host a TEDxAshokaU live streaming event on campus.

Why Get Involved? To contribute to the conversation with thought leaders and social entrepreneurs about how the education system can better support individuals to “find their place in the universe.”